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Looking to hire a dependable company that is trustworthy,
professional, and reliable that completes great work?

Mastered Masonry provides you with the peace of mind you require when it comes to building your modern day castle.

Mastered Masonry was formed in 2013 after owner, David Pusic, worked as a sole proprietor since 2008. Previously, David commenced the trade in 2001 with a reputable company where he cultivated the craft and later voyaged to an alternative company where he expanded his knowledge, capability and skills.

Further ensuing his dream of becoming an entrepreneur and with a clear vision in mind, David was inspired and motivated by the high demand for masons and quality craftsmanship. His focus is to build a masonry company that creates meaningful work which in turn drives him and his team forward every day to provide their very best. The team consists of Master Masons, Journeymen and Apprentices who are all dedicated and passionate about making a difference in the masonry trade and collectively believe that what they can do with their skills, represents a great pride in their work.

Mastered Masonry delivers results on a foundation of integrity, skill, precision and artistry. They are also enthusiastic to form long term relationships with homeowners, builders and contractors, and provide all their clients with timeless masterpieces using brick, stone, block or thin veneers on schedule and on budget, every time.

Mission Statement

We nurture a positive, safe, and professional culture for our employees so that they are motivated and inspired every day in providing our customers with extra-ordinary service and workmanship.


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